One of our Superb Large Antique Partners Desks

Friday, 26 August 2016


In addition  to being a long established dealer in fine antique desks and antique writing and reading furniture, also sources and supplies the finest of antique desk accessories.

Desk accessories include, inkwells, blotters, seals, letter openers, stationery racks, stationery boxes, even magnifying glasses and paperweights.  Letter racks, reading aids, writing slopes, cigar lighters, clocks, book marks and page turners, desk calendars and photo frames all fall into this category of fine antiques

These items really came into their own during the Victorian period.  Although earlier examples are to be found from the Georgian and Regency periods of the late 18th and early 19th centuries the majority of items we see come from  the Victorian period.

As a UK based dealer the bulk of the antique desk accessories that we see are of English manufacture but some particularly good examples can be found of French, Italian or German origin.

An expensive and ornate desk requires desk accessories of similar grandeur and many examples are made of fine materials, precious metals and with exquisite craftsmanship often by famous maker of the period.

In the early 20th century fashions dictated that the design styles of the period should be followed and arts and crafts and art deco pieces are to be found

Values of antique desk accessories can vary considerably from just a few pounds to several thousand pounds for an elaborate examples made in precious metals by a famous maker.

Antique desk accessories are useful, decorative and often highly sought after by collectors.

Examples of some of the items we have found for our clients over the years can be found on the antique desk accessories page of the website