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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Antique Writing Tables and Library Tables

As an alternative to an Antique Desk many of our clients now specify an Antique Writing Table or Library Table.  We can source these in a range of sizes, wood and ages - some have drawers on one side only, others (generally the larger sizes) have a "partners" configuration with drawers to both sides - see more examples on our Antique Writing Tables page and our Antique Writing Tables Archive pages

We have sourced tables by famous furiture makers such as Holland and Sons, Heal and Son and Gillows.  Prices range from around £1000 for a small Victorian table (fully restored and excellent retail condition) up to around £10,000 for a large antique library table with excellent history and provenance.  Please contact for more details.  Chairs can be sourced to match each table.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

A wonderful Arts & Crafts Writing Desk by Goodyers of London - sourced and sold by

A fine example of a Ladies Antique Arts & Crafts Writing Desk. Retains the label of the renowned London retailer of the period "Goodyers of Regent St and Bond St, London W". Mahogany, dating from around 1905. With many interesting design features and exceptional craftsmanship this is a rare piece of furniture from this era. Particular features are the rear gallery and the copper arts and crafts handles and the splendid overall design. Green leather writing surface inset and three working drawers - the centre having its original working lock and key. Overall a wonderful piece of Arts & Crafts Writing Furniture sourced and sold by

For Full Details and Gallery of photos please follow the links below:


FEATURES - 4035 Ladies Antique Arts & Crafts Writing Desk by Goodyers London

  • Exceptionally fine Antique Arts& Crafts Desk dating from c1905 - Edwardian
  • Mahogany - bold Arts & Crafts design
  • Original copper handles and brass lock and key
  • Green hand tooled leather writing surface
  • Three working drawers
  • Label attached for "Goodyers of Regent St and Bond St, London W" the renowned Aesthetic and Arts & Crafts retailer.

DIMENSIONS - 4035 Ladies Antique Arts & Crafts Writing Desk by Goodyers London

  • Width = 42" (107cm).
  • Depth = 21" (53.5cm)
  • Maximum height = 38.5" (98cm)
  • Writing surface height from floor = 29.5" (75cm)
  • Kneehole height = 23" (58.5cm)


Friday, 6 June 2014

Arts & Crafts Furniture - Back in Fashion?

At we have recently seen a big upturn in interest in quality Arts and Crafts Furniture - not least antique desks, tables, chairs and bookcases. Strong interest in items by Shapland & Petter, Liberty's and Goodyears among others - see some great examples in our Archive of Antique Writing Desks and Antique Writing Desks pages for more ideas of what is out there and what we can find for you.

For specifc examples please view two desks we have sold by Shapland and Petter - one in oak:

And one in mahogany:

Also a really pretty mahogany Arts & Crafts inlaid writing desk


Friday, 18 April 2014

Looking to buy an Antique Desk?

To help you find your ideal Antique Desk, has prepared its own guide to Buying an Antique Desk.

This guide covers all the basics of the various types of desk, woods, period styles and condition. and what to look out for.  It can be found by following the link to

This guide can also be read in conjunction with our paper on "10 Reasons to buy an Antique Desk" - this can be found by following the link to

We hope these two guides help you to find your perfect desk - nore information on Antique Desks and Antique Writing Furniture and the Services we offer can be found at


Friday, 14 March 2014

Antique Furniture - British, Amercian and French terminology for furniture making periods

The guide to the key periods in antique furniture making, comparing British, American and French terminology

1485 Henry VII Tudor
1509 Henry VIII Tudor
1547 Edwrad VI Tudor
Gothic Renaissance
1553 Mary I Tudor (c.1100-1600) Oak Period
1558 Elizabeth I Elizabethan Early
/ Tudor Colonial
1603 James I Jacobean
/ Stuart
1625 Charles I Carolean Louis XIII
/ Stuart (1610-1643)
1649 Commonwealth Cromwellian
1660 Charles II Restoration (c.1600-1700)
Walnut Period
1685 James II Restoration Louis XIV (c.1670-1735)
1688 William & Mary William & Mary William
& Mary
1694 William III William III Dutch
1702 Anne Queen Anne
Rococo Queen
1714 George I Early (c.1700-1760) Anne Regence
Georgian (1715-1723)
1727 George II Middle Chippendale Loius XV Early Mahogany
Georgian Neoclassical (1723-1774) Period
1760 George III Late (c.1755-1805) Early Federal Louis XVI (c.1735-1770)
Georgian Empire (c.1790-1810) (1774-1793)
1812 George III / Regency (c.1799-1815) American Directoire Directoire Late Mahogany
Prince Regent Regency (c.1798-1804) (1793-1799) Period
1820 George IV Regency (c.1812-1830) American Empire Empire (c.1770-1850)
(c.1804-1815) (1799-1815)
1830 William IV William IV Ecclectic Later Federal Restauration
(c.1830-1880) (c.1810-1830) (1815-1830)
1837 Victoria Victorian Victorian Louis Philippe
Arts & Crafts (c.1837-1901) (1830-1848)
1901 Edward VII Edwardian (c.1880-1900) 2nd Empire
Art Nouveau Art Nouveau (1848-1870)
1910 George V George V (c.1900-1920) (c.1900-1920)
Art Deco & 3rd Republic
1936 Edward VIII Edward VIII Art Moderne (1871-1940)
(c.1925-1940) Art Deco
1936 George VI George VI (c.1920-1940)
Utility & Austerity
1952 Elizabeth II Elizabeth II Furniture

Antique Pitch Pine Teachers Desk Aesthetic Movement Cabinet by Edwards & Roberts Antique Mahogany Desk by Shapland & Petter