One of our Superb Large Antique Partners Desks

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Restoration of Antique Desks and Writing Tables

One of the services that offers is the bespoke restoration of antique desks and other fine items of antique writing and office furniture.  When buying an antique desk for stock we always search for pieces that are in the most complete original state, this usually means that restoration will be required to bring the item up to the high reatil standard that we offer to our Clients.  We would far rather restore an original peice ourselves than have to undo the work of a previous restorer, if such work is necessary.

Our restoration process covers many different areas. Firstly we always check the overall structure of the desk or table.  The structure is then re-built if required using exactly the same techniques as were used originally, this requires the skills of a professional cabinet maker.  We then address any issues surrounding the fittings or attachments, handles, locks, wheeled castors etc and replace or re-make as necessary.  (e.g. re-making any missing turned wooden handles).  We also cut keys to fit the original locks.  The next step is to address the appearance of the desk or table.  Any loose veneers are replaced or fixed, any scratches or dents addressed and the whole desk or table is coloured and hand waxed polished or french polished as necessary.

The final step is the fitting of a new leather writing surface (where appropriate) or the renovation  of an existing leather top.  Where possible we always try to retain the existing leather and re-wax to give it many years more life.  If a new leather is to be fitted then we try to keep the same colour and style as the original, or alternatively, work with our Client to fit a leather that meets their requirements for colour and style.  All our new leathers are hand dyed and hand tooled by our professional restorers.

Our overall aim in restoration is to retain as much originality as possible while producing a final product that is literally as good as new and ready for many years more service.

In addition to the restoration of antique desks and writing tables we also restore (and re-upholster) antique desk chairs and antique library chairs.

Examples of our antique desk restoration service can be seen on our Restoration page on our website - this also shows "before" and "after" photographs of various desks and tables.

As always our full stock of finely restored antique desks, tables and chairs for sale can been seen on the stock page

Friday, 1 February 2013

Large Antique Desks

Large antique office desks used to feature mainly in corporate offices and businesses, nowadays however they are much more likely to be found in private home and home offices where they offer fantastic work space and lots of useful storage.

A short description of what we mean by a "large antique desk" can be seen below:

Description: Usually in the form of Twin Pedestal Partners Desks and classic Twin Pedestal Desks.

Sizes: Range in width from 60" (153cm) to 72" (183cm). Occasionally we stock desks with a width of 84" (213cm). Depth can vary from 30" (76cm) up to 48" (122cm). Height to the working surface is usually around 30" (76cm) and the height of the kneehole is around 24" (61cm)

Woods: Mahogany, Oak, Walnut and Burr Walnut, and occasionally Rosewood, Pitch Pine and Satinwood.

Ages: Dating from the early part of the 19thC (early 1800's) (Georgian, William IV, Regency), through the Victorian period and into the late Victorian Arts & Crafts period, the Edwardian era and into the reigns of George V and George VI
Configurations: Usually three piece construction for ease of transport. (Two pedestals and the top).

Prices: Good quality fully restored Large Desks start at around £2,500 and go up to £8,000, or more, for a very high quality desk of excellent provenance.

Examples of large antique desks that we currently have for sale can be found on our website as follows.

One particularly fine desk in this size range that we currently have in stock is a large mahogany desk made by the well known firm of Hamptons of Kensington.  More details of the 72" (183cm) wide desk can be found on our website at