One of our Superb Large Antique Partners Desks

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Antique Library Tables

We have noticed a trend recently for some of our Clients to specify a large Antique Library Table or Antique Writing Table rather than a traditional Antique Partners Desk or Antique Pedestal Desk for their home office.  Compared to a desk the slim profile of the table opens up a room and allows any feature floor coverings (or wood flooring) to be shown off to its best while still providing a large work area and some storage.

Library tables typically have drawers to both sides of the table and the larger tables come in four drawer or six drawer configurations.  Since there are drawers to both sides of the Antique Library Table they are sometimes known as "Partners Tables" (in the same way as a two sided desk is known as a Partners Desk).  Georgian, Regency, William IV, Victorian and Edwardian tables can all be found in various sizes, woods and styles.

Top quality Antique Library Tables usually have a leather writing surface and we have seen examples in all the main woods used for cabinet making - mahogany, oak and walnut.  We would classify a large Antique Library Table as up to (or beyond ) 72" (183cm) in width and perhaps 36" (91cm) or 48" (122cm) in depth.  A medium size table would be more usually around 60" (153cm) in width. Example Ref 3030 Large Antique Victorian Mahogany Library Table

Other important things to look out for in a quality Antique Library Table would be the shape of the legs as well as the top having  "crossbanded" veneers.   Quality brass locks and wheeled castors can also be important indicators of the pedigree of an Antqiue Library Table.

Some examples of top qaulity tables from the Antique Desks Current Stock and Stock Archive can be seen by following the links below.  Stock ref 3009 - by Antique Library Table by Holland & Sons is well worth looking at - including the Gallery showing the Queen Victoria Inventory Stamps to the underside of the table.

Monday, 23 May 2011

NEW STOCK - ANTIQUE DESKS & ANTIQUE WRITING TABLES has new stock arriving most weeks.  From fine antique partners desks, antique pedestal desks and antique writing desks in all sizes and styles to antique writing tables and antique library tables and antique desk chairs.

As our new stock of antique desks and antique writing tables arrives at our premises we take preliminary photographs for   Clients can then see what stock may be soon be available  for delivery once it has been checked and restored to the very best retail condition.  Clients may also specify elements of the restoration to customise the antique desk or antique writing table to their particular needs .e.g colour and style of leather writing surface - where appropriate, of course.

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Antique Desk Chairs supplies fine antique desk chairs to match their genuine antique desks.  We supply genuine Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian antique desk chairs.  We can also supply new desk chairs custom made to our clients requirements.  Various sizes and style of antique desk chair can be found to suit most types of antique desk that we supply including antique partners desks, antique pedestal desks, antique writing desks, antique writing tables and antique library tables

Fine genuine antique desk chairs are increasingly hard to find in good condition.  By their very nature the chairs will have been well used and often require extensive restoration to both the fabric of the chair and its mechanism (where fitted).  The repair of the swivelling mechanism of an Antique Victorian Desk Chair, for example, is a skilled task involving not just a traditional antique restorer but also a skilled metal worker or mechanical engineer!  Because of this, original antique desk chairs are often un-economic to repair - sad to say.  Nonetheless we always strive to keep a few excellent examples in stock for clients who wish to have a genuine antique desk chair to match their desk.

In addition  is able to commission new custom made desk chairs from a long established firm of British craftsmen.  These chairs can be custom made in a wide variety of styles, woods, finishes and leathers to match our clients choice of antique desk and their home decor.   Prices are much the same as for a genuine antique desk chair but with the advantage that the chair has been custom made and has all the modern ergonomic fittings and adjustments - for those who will be using the chair for long periods in their office or home study this can be a big plus!  Delivery of these new chairs takes about 6-8 weeks from time of order.  More details can be found on our Custom Made Desk Chairs web page. 

Finding multiple antique desk chairs that match is even more difficult than finding a single antique desk chair in good order - yet for an antique partners desk or antique library table this may be a requirement.  This is another areas where a matching pair ( or full set) of custom made desk chairs can be supplied by

Some examples of the fine combinations of antique desks and antique desk chairs we have recently sold can be seen on our Antique Desks and Antique Desk Chair Sets web page.